5 Ways to Maximize Space in Your Apartment

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There are so many ways to maximize every room in your apartment. The key to achieving a more spacious appearance is to be thoughtful about how every area will be used, while also knowing how to make the most of each space. With the right decorating and storage techniques, you can make any space look surprisingly larger. Here are the top five tips and tricks for getting the most out of every part of your apartment.


1) Invest in Multi-Purpose Furniture

Choose furniture elements that are useful for more than one function. For instance, getting a desk that can function as a dining room table is a phenomenal way to save space. You can also find storage ottomans or tables that can hold many items. This is perfect for additional hidden storage that will keep your apartment clutter free and more spacious.


Another way to get the most out of your furniture is by investing in a bed that has dresser drawers built into the frame. This means you could eliminate the need for a dresser all together, or only have need for a smaller dresser, which will open up more space in your bedroom.


2) Consider Mirror Placement

Placing a mirror in a room can make a world of a difference. A vertical mirror in the corner of a room or a set of mirrors on a wall can go a long way. It expands the appearance of your apartment, making it appear larger. Plus, it’s aesthetically pleasing and a clean looking decorating idea! Light will also naturally bounce off the mirror, which brings us to the importance of light when it comes to spaciousness.


3) Use Natural Lighting to Your Advantage

More light means a more open space, so pull back the shades and let natural sunlight filter through your apartment. This has been known to create an illusion of a bigger apartment. Another great benefit of letting natural light in is that it will put you in a better mood! Now that the weather is warming up, it will be lighter during the day, which is great news for your apartment and your health.


4) Choose Fewer Pieces of Furniture

Be thoughtful and deliberate in your choice of furniture. The more furniture you have, the smaller your apartment will look because it will take up most of the free space. Do not overcrowd your apartment with items that will not be used daily, but instead, invest in necessary basics.

A more minimalistic interior layout will also give an illusion of spaciousness. Another great advantage to less furniture is that you will have fewer surfaces to clean or dust, which saves valuable time!


5) Get Rid of Unnecessary Clutter

Choose to let go of items that you no longer have use for, and put what you can’t part with into a storage unit. The less clutter you have populating your apartment, the more wide open and spacious it will appear.

Take an entire day to go through everything you own and decide which items add something to the apartment, and which items are just collecting dust. Once you get rid of or store this extra clutter, there will be various open areas in your apartment, giving it a more airy and spacious feel.


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