10 Things Every Apartment Should Have

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When moving into a new apartment, you want to add as many personal touches as possible to ensure your home is warm and inviting. Whether you’re moving out on your own for the first time or just switching neighborhoods, here are our must have items for the ultimate apartment!

For the Entrance:

1.     Welcome Mat

Nothing says “Welcome to my lovely home” better than a welcome mat! Place a decorative mat in the foyer of your apartment to add some personality and to ensure that everyone who enters feels as welcome as possible.

2. Key Holder

Are you someone who loses their keys the moment they step through the door? Hanging a key holder by the door will likely help you evade this problem since the key holder will be the first thing you see when you walk in. You can personalize the key holder or buy a decorative one to add one of a kind style to your apartment.

For the Living Room:

3. Futon

A futon will grant you the ease of owning a couch and a guest bed without having to buy more than one piece of furniture. Extremely versatile, the futon will accommodate all of your needs, whether you’re spending an afternoon watching movies or hosting overnight guests. It will also help you save valuable space in your apartment.

4. An Area Rug

The perfect way to spice up a simple floor is an area rug. Depending on the color and design you choose, an area rug can add a splash of color to the room, making it your living room a fun and lively space to entertain guests or to enjoy a lazy day.

5. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows will add pizazz to your living room. Go for colors or designs that will pair well with the color of your couch and chairs – this will ensure a nice balance and colors that complement each other. Throw in some wacky designs to add a fun and youthful atmosphere to the room.

For the Bedroom:

6. Storage Ottoman

A storage ottoman is the perfect multifunctional addition to your home. Its main purpose is a comfortable seat, but also serves as a storage space, allowing you to store your knick-knacks as you please.

7. Things That Make You Smile

Whether it’s photographs of your loved ones, artwork, or a scented candle, fill your bedroom with whatever makes you happy. This will ensure a positive atmosphere with good vibes in every nook and cranny!

For All-Around:

8. Plants

Whether or not you have a green thumb, there are many benefits to having plants in your home. Not only will they add life to your apartment, but they will also reduce carbon dioxide levels and increase oxygen, which is beneficial to your health. They also purify the air, removing toxins and making the air you breathe cleaner. Some low-maintenance plants to consider are aloe, jade, or cacti.

9. A Fish

Some apartments do not allow furry friends, so a fish is the best compromise. They don’t need to be taken on daily walks, nor do they require much maintenance, depending on the type of fish you get. A nicely decorated tank will also add a nice touch to your apartment!

10. Wall Shelves

Mounting shelves onto the wall will allow for storage that does not take up space in the apartment. You can use these shelves to display pictures, candles, or really, anything you want! Wall shelves come in a variety of colors and designs. Just choose the one you like best, and see how much space you save while added some decorations to your apartment.

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