8 Reasons an Apartment is Right for You

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Moving out is a major life decision that you shouldn’t take lightly. But apartment living offers many benefits of calling it your first place! Here are 8 reasons an apartment is right for you.


8 Benefits of Living in an Apartment

1. Financial Benefits

One of the best parts about living in an apartment is renting. Rent is generally cheaper than a mortgage, with lower monthly payments that are more budget friendly. To add to the financial benefits, utilities and maintenance expenses are usually less due to the responsibility falling on the landlord. This allows you to save more and invest in your future. But do your research, and create a budget that ensures the rent at the apartment home you are looking in to won’t go beyond your financial means.

2. Location

Most apartment home complexes are built in thriving communities close to public transport, shops, restaurants and entertainment. For commuters, location is everything too. Easy access to roadways and metro stations makes starting the day a lot easier. One of the best aspects of living at Lerner Morningside is our location, where both work and play are convenient. Metrobus stops are located in our apartment community and nearby shopping, dining and entertainment is within moments away at Old Town Alexandria and downtown Washington D.C.

3. Amenities

Apartment homes also offer amenities that save you money, offer convenience and are not offered in a standard home. These amenities include fitness centers, pools, community laundry facilities that are conveniently on the premises, and much more depending on the apartment complex. This allows you to save money on a gym membership and offers the convenience of not having to drive to a local laundromat.

4. Maintenance

Apartments offer less upkeep and responsibility than your average home. You won’t have to worry about shoveling when it snows, mowing the lawn or fixing a bigger problem – like a leak in the ceiling. Generally, all apartments offer on-site maintenance to take care of landscaping, fixing broken amenities and any issues with your apartment.

5. Size

If you’re looking for a quaint and convenient place to live, than an apartment is right for you. An apartment is a perfect size for someone who just graduated college or who is not ready for the responsibility of a larger home. At Lerner Morningside, we offer fully equipped kitchens, full-size washer and dryers, and huge floor plans that make our apartments feel roomy and comfortable.

6. Security

Apartments offer more security than if you were the only house on the street. There are usually intercoms, secure entrances, and often security alarms in the individual apartments as well. Close proximity to neighbors also makes it harder for people to break in and steal your valuables.

7. Community

Apartment living also offers you to make connections with your neighbors. Although there may be a sense of community in suburban areas, sharing a building with others enhances the possibility of getting to know those living around you better. Hopefully, you’ll make new friends and create life long connections!

8. Short-Term

Apartments also make great short-term options. If you don’t have enough money for your dream house, an apartment is the best place to live while you prepare for buying your own. Whether you are saving money, working on your credit or mentally preparing yourself for the responsibility of owning a home, an apartment is the best option for you.


Make Lerner Morningside in Alexandria, VA Your Home

Whether you are looking for a charming garden-style community or the convenience of mid-rise elevator building, Lerner Morningside in Alexandria, VA will meet all of your expectations. At our apartments you’ll find equipped kitchens with modern black appliances, and granite countertops in both the kitchen and bathroom. You’ll also find that we offer many fantastic amenities, including a tennis court, volleyball court and sparkling swimming pool. We’re also conveniently located minutes from downtown Washington D.C. and Old Town Alexandria. Apply online today to make Lerner Morningside your home.

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