8 Ways to See if Your Apartment Community is Resident Friendly


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Finding that perfect apartment or townhouse can be a struggle. Oftentimes people are uncertain as to whether or not the residents in their community will be friendly. Before you buy a home or apartment,be sure to spend enough time in the community to really get a sense of what the other residents are like. Here is a list of 9 ways to see if your apartment community is resident friendly.

1. Community Center

Towns often have a community center where people gather and socialize. Community centers usually offer various activities and clubs you can join. See if you can sign up for anarts and crafts class or a book club. This is a great opportunity to observe how residents in the community interact with each other.

2. Sports Leagues for Kids

Having extracurricular activities for the kids to do is important. Check to see if your town offers various sports leagues to get the kids involved. Joining a team will be an excellent way for your kids to meet friends and get exercise. You can even scope out one of the games to see if the kids are having fun.

3. Quality Education

Research the school system in the town to make sure your kids will receive a quality education. Look up the schools’ history to check out teachers’ credentials, school rankings and reviews. With a little research and preparation, you can find a lot about the quality of schools in the community.

4. Look at the Reviews

Online city guides and user reviews can help you see what residents are saying about their neighborhood – both good and bad. Street Adviser and City Data are great sites for scoping out the best neighborhoods in the city or town where you’re thinking of moving to.

Does the culture of the city or town match your interests? Look up the neighborhood’s popular attractions to see if there are movie theaters, music venues, restaurants and other things you are interested in that are close to the area. You don’t want to live somewhere that doesn’t have what you are looking for.

6. No Crime

You do not want to live in a neighborhood with high crime rates. Look up the different crime statistics in the neighborhoods around the area. You can also ask for a crime report from the local police departments.

7. Public Pool

See if your town or city has a public pool. This would be a great summer activity for your family to get sunlight and exercise, especially if you have kids. Inspect the pool to see if there are lifeguards on duty and make sure the water is clean. The pool may even offer other services such as a gym or summer camp.

8. Local Events

Go to the website of the town or city to see if they have a calendar of all the local events prepared throughout the month. Free local concerts and movie nights might be available for your entertainment.

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