6 Reasons Alexandria, VA is a Smart Place to Rent an Apartment

Alexandria, VA is a smart place to rent because there’s so much to see and do. The community offers its residents a wonderful variety of arts, entertainment, dining, shopping, and history for their choosing. Some might go as far as to say it’s the best of both worlds. In Alexandria, you get the benefits of small town living, plus the advantages of big-city amenities as it’s a suburb of Washington DC. So residents enjoy the hustle and bustle of the nation’s capital, but on their own terms and at a distance. If that’s not reason enough to rent in Alexandria, here are 7 more:

1. The food scene is simply to die for.

All sorts of notable journalistsand online bloggers love drivingpublic attention to Alexandria for its award-winning food scene. There are restaurants forpractically every taste and cuisine imaginable.You should move to Alexandria for the food alone!Alexandria is the type of downtown area that exemplifies all the best food trends and topnotch dining. The proof on Alexandria’s food riches is constantly buzzing around in publications such as Food & WineBon Appetit, or The New York Times. However, the real credibility lies in the act of actual food consumption.

2. George Washington owned a townhome in Alexandria.

Once upon a time the 1st President of the United States of America used to live in Alexandria. Does the name George Washington ring a bell? Back in 1769, Washington’s town house was built in Alexandria and it remains a popular tourist attraction to this day. To coincide with that fun fact, Alexandria is actually an extremely popular place for museums and historical sites such as the Torpedo Factory Art Center or the George Washington Masonic National Memorial.

3. Alexandria is dedicated to STEM.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. Therefore, Alexandria is a great place to rent if you’re interested in STEM. In 2017, a government agency named the National Science Foundation is moving to Alexandria to promote science and engineering through education and research. The National Science Foundation, and other organizations based in Alexandria, is placing greater emphasis on our economic future. Therefore, many jobs related to STEM are quickly sprouting up in the area. The city’s dedication to STEM is constantly attracting college students, job seekers, educational institutions, businesses, and top innovators.

4. Washington D.C. is easily accessible.

If you’re travelling via the Metro, then Washington D.C. is definitely no more than 15 minutes from the suburban town of Alexandria. That’s why people love living there. The area is super close to all the perks of Washington DC, but without all the extra bustling and hustling. Residents of Alexandria can enjoy their small town as they gaze at the Washington Monument and Capitol building from their front patios. The nation’s capital is really that close, no exaggerating. That’s why Alexandria is also a great option if you have work or are looking for work in Washington D.C. You don’t always need to live directly in the action to enjoy the benefits. Moving to Alexandria gives conveniently offers residents quick access to one of the country’s most famous places whenever they want.

5. It’s a perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts.

Alexandria is the place people go when they value outdoor recreation. The city offers plenty of parks for outside fun. Residents can safely stroll various parks filled with so many historical, natural, waterfront, or pet friendly attractions to choose from. What’s even better is the fact that Alexandria is known to have mild climates. Good weather is the driving force behind all the options for outdoor excitement. It’s no wonder there’s miles of bike trails spanning all the way from Mount Vernon to the National Mall in D.C. And if travelling by bike isn’t your style, there’s always the local water taxis or cruises to float your boat. How’s that for outdoor enthusiasm?

6. It’s one of the most dog-friendly cities in America.

We’re absolutely dog crazy and if you are too, then you should definitely rent an apartment in Alexandria. The city adores every size, shape, age, and breed of dog. To put it bluntly, if you’re a four-legged furry dog living in Alexandria, then you’re in with the in crowd. People vacation in Alexandria just forfull filled activities like the canine cruises on the Potomac. You and your best friend should move to the most canine friendly city in America so the two of you can take advantage of all the special events and places to hang out.

If you’re thinking about moving tothe lovely neighborhood of Alexandria, then we think you’re very smart. Call Lerner Morningside at 703.260.1895for apartment homes in the area.

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