ThreeBedroom Ideas for Your Apartment/Townhome

There are many reasons why residents of Lerner Morningside Apartments in Alexandria, Virginia, “highly recommend” living there. There’s the area’s rich national history and Old Town Alexandria, which George Washington once called home. There’s the beauty and charm of the city, a stone’s throw from the nation’s capital, and Alexandria’s cultural offerings, which range from arts to dining to entertainment. Of course, residents are drawn by all the convenience and amenities Morningside itself offers. For all of Alexandria and Lerner Morningside’s advantages, we know that when it comes down to it, there’s perhaps no location more important than your bedroom. It’s your sanctuary and the place where you spend a large part of your day. So we’ve gathered three tips just for enhancing this special place!

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Let It Shine:

One of the easiest, most effective ways to enhance your bedroom is to make it lighter. Dark colors tend to close in a space, but light colors do the opposite, making any room feel more airy and spacious. If you’re thinking, ‘But I’m not an interior designer!’then you’ll be surprised to learn just how easy it can be to do this. The simple addition of an elegant mirror, for example, can do wonders!Mirrors bounce light throughout the room, so consider placing one in anoptimal and convenient spot. Metallic objects and decorative knickknacks can have a similar effect.Consider adding a chic metal desk lamp – even a metal nightstand!There’s no rule against getting creative while lightening up your space. Here’s the chance to infuse your own personality into the space with your unique artwork or quirky design piece. And don’t overlook your windows! As elegant and unique as your individual pieces may be, they function best as space-maximizers only when light can reach them. Brightly-colored blinds made of light materials are best for allowing sunlight to flood your space. The same idea goes for your bedding! Investing in a light color palette can give your bedroom something of a regal feel. Combining all these components together will let you enhance your bedroom without a single architectural change.

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Organizing Perfected:

Uncluttering is obviously important for any space. But uncluttering your bedroom has the added benefit of making it feel bigger! The less items strewn about,the more space to relishand the more your eyes take in the area’s brightness. One of the many tricks for organizing your haven isusing under-bed storage. That means rolling up your shirts, storing them in a couple ofstylish storagebaskets, and tuckingthem underneath your bed!In minutes, the contents that could otherwise consume several drawers of a bulky dresser are out of sight, saving you space and sparing you from embarrassment! Another strategic design choice to maximize space is investing in vertical shelving. Floating shelves aren’t just for living rooms! Turn your bedroom into a display space for trophies and family photographs. Neatly store your carefully curated libraryor action figure collection. These shelves also provide an ideal opportunity for exhibiting your metallic pieces!

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Set Your Bed Apart:

If you’re someone who enjoys taking in a movie from the comfort of your own bedroom, you’ll appreciate this! A few simple touches are enough to transform your bedroom into a space that functions as both a place to recharge and to be entertained.There’s a hidden benefit to investing in light, airy blinds, especially if they’re white. Repurpose your blinds and use them as natural projector screens for viewing movies. If using your blinds makes your viewing experience challenging, though, get your hands on a white screen, which itself doubles as a window blind for your bedroom. Having a multipurpose bedroom shouldn’t mean disruptingyour sleep. One trick for distinguishing your zen-zone from your entertainment center is tosurround your bed with a curtain. This piece elegantly promotes your bed’s privacy and spatial separation from the rest of the room. For a more private, fort-like feel, think about enclosing your bed with dramatic, canopy drapes. After enjoying a night at your home theater, you’ll appreciate how the tranquility of your canopy drapes helps send you into a seamless slumber.

These simple tips and creative ideaswill surely maximize the space and functionality of your bedroom. And with Old Town just fifteen minutes away, you’ll have convenient access to a diverse mix of shops to satisfy your decorating needs. Morningside homes offer its residents private balconies, abundant closet space, and huge floorplans, among several other community amenities. But we know the special role your bedroom plays in your life. Contact us today to learn why our residents find each room of their Lerner Morningside homes special!

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