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Scenic, historic Alexandria, Virginia: the hub of Lerner Morningside Apartments in Fairfax County. Why is Alexandria the perfect place for you to lay your head? There’s the fact of its proximity to the nation’s capital, a mere half-hour commute. There’s the skillfully-preserved district of Old Town, on whose cobblestone streets George Washington once walked.There’s also the safety, diversity, and vibrancy of Alexandria generally, which offers its residents a breadth of things to do and see, whatever their interests may be. Simply put, Alexandria offers the liveliness and national significance of D.C., minus the steep price tag. So the question becomes not Why Alexandria? but What, Alexandria? As in:What, oh Alexandria, can you offer in terms of furnishing my new residence in the city so I’m free to enjoy all Alexandria has to offer? Keep reading to learn what apartment furniture you should invest in!

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Essentials and Convenience:

Moving to a Lerner Morningsidehome means you’re bound to have guests. When they hear about your awesome new home, your family and friends are going to want to see for themselves what all the buzz is about. With all the visitors you’re sure to get, you’ll need somewhere to seat them all. How about a set of stylish, stackable chairs?In seconds, you’ll have enough seating for all your guests, so you can spend the time sharing laughs and gushing over your new home’s best features.

Not quite settled in yet, though? We know that no one wants to welcome a guest to an untidy space. And we have a solution. Your next furniture investment:a multi-sectioned hamper, a budget friendly item which provides much more than what you might expect. By decorating a hamper to your liking and placing it near the front door, you create a neat, useful means for stowingyourdaily essentials. Living with a toddler who’s prone to forgetting his scarf? Fear frostbites no more, because this simple, household hack will remind you both to bundle up before braving the breeze. Perhaps you always leave your umbrella behind on rainy days? Keep a couple in the compartment next to the autumn gear, and never be unprepared for the elements again!

Of Frills and Space Enlargers:

Keeping with the simple-item-big-impact trend, there’s another affordable piece to add to your home that can do wonders for the space. Grab an elegant mirror for your living room. You’ll delight in how this simple touch complements your décor and brightens up the space. Want another simple, but effective tip? Adorn your windows with multicolor curtains. This strategic design move will give your rooms an even greater feeling of space. Consider combining these pieces with metallic miscellanies.From table lamps to well-placed metallic objects, these items have the same effect as the mirror and your new drapes. Together, they’ll flood your space with light and add an aura of largeness. Top off the vibe of largeness with your favorite plant. Finding the right house plant means you don’t need much of a green thumb to freshen up your home. A little greenery gives you something of an indoor garden and even cleans the air.

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Maybe these options don’t mesh with your personal style? Well, there are many more items – from the creative to the functional – for building up your space and making your Lerner Morningside dwelling a home. And you can find them at King Street, the historic line of shopping options in Old Town located just fifteen-minutes from your future Morningside home. Since King Street spans about a mile of this quaintcommunity, it’s uniquely capable of supplying your furniture needs. But be warned – you may have a tough time leaving King Street once you arrive. “I love Old Town,” writes one commenter from Italy. “It’s stepping back in history with the cobblestone & bricks aplenty. Just walk. Sit. Sip a glass of wine. Breathe. This is what you do here.” Take a stroll or ride the free trolley. Grab your furniture at this one-stop location and bask in the history of Old Town. But be on guard lest you pass the whole day at King Street and forget to organize your new furniture!

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All these items offer more than just convenience and frills. They also allow you to impress your guests while infusing your home with a unique personal touch.Combined with useful amenities, such as abundant closet space and private balconies, your future Lerner Morningside home will be plenty impressive indeed. Don’t be surprised if you find your freshly-furnished Lerner Morningside home as hard to leave as the cobblestone paths of King Street. Contact Lerner Morningside today to learn more about what living here could mean for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Image via Lerner Morningside in Alexandria

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